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Yakima Scenic Byway

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flickr/Frank Fujimoto
North-south US 97 traverses several states; on this portion, you’ll cut across southern Washington. The scenic drive begins in Toppenish, a city located within the approximately 1.2 million-acre Yakama Nation Reservation. Views of the Cascade Mountains can be seen as you make your way toward the Columbia River, the natural border between Washington and Oregon.
The first part of the Yakima Scenic Byway through southern Washington dips south across a section of the Yakama Nation Reservation, created as a result of a treaty signed in 1855, and over the Simcoe Mountains. Exiting the reservation, US 97 traverses Satus Pass, which, at 3,107 feet, affords views of prairie lands and long-range vistas of Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier.