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Northern CA & Southern OR Forests

Road Trip

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370.9 miles: 7 hours, 41 minutes
This route delivers magnificent Shasta Cascade region mountain vistas, historic railroad and Gold Rush towns, and the awesome glacial and volcanic scenery of Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. But with such wild, surreal beauty comes limited sight distances, mountain grades and road closures; be sure to check driving conditions before heading out.
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Redding, CA to Medford, OR
153.5 miles: 2 hours, 56 minutes
This leg travels through the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area and the treeless hills south of Yreka. It also features views of Mount Shasta, California’s fifth tallest peak. Just north of the Oregon border is the 4,310-foot Siskiyou Summit; the road over the summit can be closed due to winter conditions or require chains or four-wheel drive.
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Medford, OR to Crater Lake National Park, OR
77.2 miles: 1 hours, 45 minutes
Rural communities and ranches now stand where miners once panned for gold. SR 62, or Crater Lake Highway, follows the Rogue River and enters Crater Lake National Park. Rim Drive offers views of Crater Lake, where sheer cliffs 2,000 feet high plunge into unbelievably blue water. Keep in mind, weather can change suddenly, and snowstorms are possible even in August.
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Crater Lake National Park, OR to Crescent, OR
62.0 miles: 1 hours, 15 minutes
Descending from the rim to the northern park boundary is the Pumice Desert, once covered with more than 200 feet of ash. Volcanic landscapes continue as you approach Deschutes National Forest. The third-largest national forest in Oregon attracts hikers with its rugged terrain and stunning geological features.
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Crescent, OR to Bend, OR
78.2 miles: 1 hours, 44 minutes
The striking Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway passes volcanoes and lava flows, evergreen forests, lakes and meadows full of wildflowers. The Cascade Mountains provide a backdrop for a recreational paradise offering world-class fishing, hiking, rock-climbing and skiing. During winter months portions of the route are closed; the best time to visit is June to October.