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Cascade Wonderland Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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173.8 miles: 3 hours, 5 minutes
The stretch of I-5 beginning at the Oregon border, also known as the Cascade Wonderland Scenic Highway, is an exhilarating drive through the impressively rugged wilderness of far Northern California. You’re never far from water—rivers, lakes and sparkling streams—as well as lofty mountains, foremost among them Mt. Shasta, the second-highest peak in the Cascade range.
173.8 miles: 3 hours, 5 minutes
I-5 traverses an outdoor recreational paradise. At Castle Crags State Park a series of 6,000-foot-tall granite spires provides a soaring backdrop for campers, hikers, anglers and picnickers. Man-made Shasta Lake, one of California’s largest, has 365 miles of forested, mountainous shoreline, a grandly scenic haven for boaters, water skiers and houseboaters.