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Sunset Cliffs Scenic Boulevard

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1.4 miles: 5 minutes
The sun setting over the Pacific is almost guaranteed to produce a visual spectacle, and there’s no better place in San Diego for sunset watching than from the vantage point of Point Loma. Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, which runs along the point’s western side, provides access to the coastal bluffs edging the ocean and is tailor-made for a relaxed, scenic evening drive.
1.4 miles: 5 minutes
Ocean Beach is the quintessential laid-back beach town, with a stretch of sand perfect for strolling while watching surfers tuck into a wave. At the end of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, where you can explore coastal bluffs carved by wind and water and marvel at an evening sky that turns yellow, orange, red, purple and every shade in between.