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Boston Mountains Scenic Drive

Road Trip

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Wikimedia Commons/Doug Wertman
26.7 miles: 32 minutes
Boston Mountains Scenic Drive (US 71) offers a slower-paced alternative to speedy I-49 just to the west, allowing travelers to enjoy the scenery of this southwest corner of the Ozarks at a leisurely pace. The two-lane road curves through a rugged landscape of forested hills, eroded cliff faces and sparkling streams, passing quaint souvenir shops and roadside farms along the way.
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26.7 miles: 32 minutes
Cutting through Arkansas’ Boston Mountains, the southernmost part of the Ozarks, Boston Mountains Scenic Drive follows US 71 south accompanied at first by the West Fork White River. Travelers can pull off at an overlook for a nice view of Lake Fort Smith, centerpiece of a state park where hikers can access the 218-mile-long Ozark Highlands Trail.