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Ozark National Riverways Scenic Drive

Road Trip

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flickr/Lindley Ashline
42.3 miles: 55 minutes
It might sound strange to say you’re driving through the Ozark National Riverways Scenic Drive, but that’s just what you’re doing on SR 19 in southeastern Missouri, in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest. You’ll cross over the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers, swing past the Round Spring Cave and camping area, as well as thousands of other caves that are part of the Rocky Creek Conservation Area.
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42.3 miles: 55 minutes
Missouri’s SR 19 is a favorite for Sunday drivers and motorcyclists, because of its roller coaster hills and curving path. It’s most vibrant in the spring, as the flowering trees are blooming. When you need a rest, stop at some of the roadside and river parks and enjoy the colorful wildflowers. The area between Winona and Salem is also full of natural springs—at least 60 of them bubble up from the old volcanic rock.