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Route 66 - Eastern Texas

Road Trip

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123.6 miles: 2 hours, 31 minutes
With its Panhandle ghost towns and carnival-like atmosphere, this historic route is a time capsule filled with the sights of days gone by. Flat plains line the road and the sky is the main attraction; well, that and the aging signs promising two-headed rattlesnakes and a leaning water tower. Plus, the “Mother Road” shelters some of the coolest gas stations ever built.
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Amarillo, TX to Erick Welcome Center, OK
123.6 miles: 2 hours, 31 minutes
The best-preserved section of Route 66 is in Conway, where barbed wire fences, dirt farms, grain elevators and windmills dot the landscape. Structural landmarks along the way also include Groom’s “Leaning Tower of Texas,” which was built with one short leg, purely to attract tourists, and Shamrock’s U-Drop Inn, an Art Deco masterpiece. Put the top down and enjoy the drive.