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Texas Mountain Trail Scenic Drive, Presidio to Lajitas

Road Trip

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49.7 miles: 1 hours, 17 minutes
Pass chocolate-colored canyons and grape-hued mountains along CR 170 on the Texas Mountain Trail. The Rio Grande, which is the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico, rushes parallel to the byway. Although it hides just beyond the mountains in many places, the river occasionally peeks out from behind for an astonishing view.
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49.7 miles: 1 hours, 17 minutes
This delightful journey curves past colorful mountains and the Rio Grande’s silvery waters separating Texas from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Grazing fields edge close to the byway, so be on the lookout for adventurous cattle straying into the roadway. Steep dips in the road make this a fun drive up and down the hills.