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Cumberland Plateau Scenic Route 111

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Wikimedia Commons/Brian Stansberry
74.4 miles: 1 hours, 33 minutes
Experience tranquility and awe as you traverse the Cumberland Plateau Scenic Route (SR 111) in eastern Tennessee. Part of the Appalachian Mountains, the plateau holds dense woodlands of oak, pine and hickory intermingled with grassy flatlands, state parks and small towns.
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74.4 miles: 1 hours, 33 minutes
SR 111 ascends Walden Ridge on the east edge of the Cumberland Plateau, crosses the Falling Water River, then wends through the Sequatchie River Valley. Pull up to the overlook near Dunlap in the early morning for what may be the most enchanting view of the valley, as wisps of fog float through the trees while Walden Ridge rises protectively in the background.