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Bicentennial Scenic Byway

Road Trip

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National Park Service/Jacob W. Frank
121.4 miles: 2 hours, 2 minutes
The Bicentennial Scenic Byway (SR 95) immerses you in dramatic vistas featuring flat desert, deep canyons and imposing rock formations. Broad mesas extend across the desert, while buttes and spirals reach for the sky. Scrub brush, junipers and pinyons add texture to this remote area, as do hoodoos that occasionally sprout from the landscape.
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121.4 miles: 2 hours, 2 minutes
Glimpse the snow-coated peaks of the Henry Mountains, followed by the Little Egypt mesa and a red rock canyon. The byway then snakes past palatial mesas and towering cliffs. At Hite Overlook, gape at extraordinary sweeping views of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. Look skyward after dusk for a spectacular, star-filled light show at Natural Bridges National Monument.