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Frontier Pathways Scenic Route 96

Road Trip

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Flickr/Adam Meek
52.0 miles: 57 minutes
This short trip along SR 96 begins in the Great Plains and ends in the Rocky Mountains, passing through dramatically different landscapes, including treeless grasslands, fertile valleys and alpine forests. Part of the Frontier Pathways Scenic Route 96 follows in the footsteps of Native Americans as well as European explorers, fur trappers and American settlers.
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52.0 miles: 57 minutes
West of Pueblo, SR 96 swings by the huge Pueblo Reservoir and on through miles of prairie before leaving the Plains behind and entering San Isabel National Forest and the Wet Mountains. Winding through Hardscrabble Canyon, a steep-sided ravine lined with craggy peaks, the road emerges into a picturesque valley with the towering Sangre de Cristo Range on the opposite side.