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Markagunt High Plateau Scenic Byway

Road Trip

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Sam Camp/iStockphoto.com
40.4 miles: 51 minutes
Travel on Markagunt High Plateau Scenic Byway, a two-lane highway, through Cedar Canyon for breathtaking vistas of jagged cliffs and forested valleys along the Markagunt Plateau. SR 14 ascends elevations between 6,000 and 10,000 feet inside Dixie National Forest. Note: Snow tires or chains are required to traverse Dixie National Forest from November through March.
40.4 miles: 51 minutes
Begin your Markagunt High Plateau Scenic Byway (SR 14) journey through flaming red hills. Catch glimpses of a rocky creek bed with muddy water along the first third of the byway. Stop at scenic overlooks for spectacular panoramas of serene turquoise lakes and majestic canyons. Cedar Canyon opens Hurricane Fault, exposing peach, salmon and ruby layers beneath a camel-colored surface.