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Russell Tutt Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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2.7 miles: 11 minutes
A short, pleasing drive takes you through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (after paying admission) then zigzags up Cheyenne Mountain for magnificent vistas of Colorado Springs and the red rock mountains. Russell Tutt Scenic Highway hugs the mountain with hairpin turns atop steep cliffs, beside towering, rocky mountainsides with boulders at their feet.
2.7 miles: 11 minutes
Enjoy spectacular Rocky Mountain Range vistas along Russell Tutt Scenic Highway. Journey past rocky outcroppings up the mountain and stop to climb the roughly 8,000-foot, stone tower memorial to Will Rogers to appreciate expansive views of the state. Evergreens are scattered on the mountains; the city below is ablaze in fall when aspens, maples and oaks change colors.