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Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway

Road Trip

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41.5 miles: 52 minutes
Along the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway (SR 128), intricately chiseled canyons rise from the earth beside the Colorado River in shades of persimmon and espresso. Sagebrush provides a hint of green to contrast the towering red cliffs on the outskirts of Arches National Park.
41.5 miles: 52 minutes
Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing sights, such as Fisher Towers, whose spires resemble the ruins of an ancient city. Spot Castleton Tower, a 400-foot sandstone spire, midway. The drive passes Arches National Park, home to some 2,000 arches, and ends in Moab, a great launching spot for excursions such as kayaking, white-water rafting and hiking.