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Pecos River Valley Scenic Drive

Road Trip

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19.1 miles: 33 minutes
This route through the heart of Santa Fe National Forest follows the curves of the Pecos River from the small town of Pecos to a crossroads of campgrounds and hiking trails at Cowles. The peaceful area is remote enough that a Benedictine monastery makes its home here. Seasonal floods may cause poor road conditions, especially north of Terrero, where the road narrows.
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19.1 miles: 33 minutes
What looks like a straight line on a map is actually a winding odyssey for the senses. This two-lane road that crisscrosses over the water is only 20 miles long, but the biodiversity and views make it easy to see why the area is a popular destination for hikers, campers and boaters. The Dalton Picnic Area and Santa Fe National Forest Fishing Site are popular stops.