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Ruby Scenic Road

Road Trip

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10.4 miles: 17 minutes
Ruby Scenic Road (SR 289) ascends into the rugged Tumacacori Highlands past rolling hills, sharp mountain ridges, towering buttes and rocky outcroppings. The winding byway takes you into the Coronado National Forest ending at Peña Blanca Lake and Recreation Area. View white-hued bluffs and wooded slopes surrounding the teal-colored lake.
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10.4 miles: 17 minutes
Your journey on Ruby Scenic Road (SR 289) takes you through the rugged landscape northwest of Nogales to Peña Blanca Lake. On the route, grassy hillsides tumble toward rocky cliffs and the bare Pajarito Mountains. The desert climate juxtaposes the lush vegetation near the lake. Scrub grass grows on the Tumacacori Highlands’ southern slopes; junipers and oaks grow on the northern slopes.