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Stewart-Cassiar Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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Colin Sands/iStockphoto.com
On the Stewart-Cassiar Highway (PR 37), the terrain shifts from rolling hillsides to majestic mountains. Roadside aqua and sapphire lakes reflect densely wooded slopes and snow-capped peaks. Near Stikine River, the road narrows with sharp turns and well-maintained gravel. NOTE: Be cautious of big trucks; service stops are seasonally closed.
Stop at Stewart-Cassiar Highway’s pullouts to view green, grassy hillsides and dense forests highlighted by skyscraping mountain peaks. PR 37 passes a section of the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Preserve, a secluded park accessible only by foot or air. Black bears, paper birch and boreal white and black spruce thrive in the diverse landscape.