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Stewart Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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37.8 miles: 1 hours, 7 minutes
At your trip’s start along Stewart Scenic Highway (PR 37A), drive alongside glistening Meziadin Lake. Along the way, the retreating yet breathtaking Bear Glacier rests beside the road like a giant arctic bear and is visible from a pullout. Waterfalls tumble down rocky cliffs and massive pine trees on the hillsides point to the sky.
37.8 miles: 1 hours, 7 minutes
This journey along PR 37A passes through stunning mountain ranges and peaceful forests filled with glaciers and waterfalls. At the sapphire Meziadin Lake is a beautiful campground and recreation area where you can hike into lush forests, enjoy a picnic amid striking scenery, canoe on the calm water or cast a lure for rainbow trout.