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Yellowknife Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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Ryerson Clark/iStockphoto.com
62.6 miles: 1 hours, 14 minutes
The paved Yellowknife Highway (PR 3) follows a portion of Great Slave Lake. The lake is largely concealed by expanses of boreal forest—thin, spiky evergreens pointing skyward along the route—interspersed by marshes. This is bison territory, so be on the lookout for these woolly behemoths. Fuel up at the start of your trip, as there are no gas stations on the route.
62.6 miles: 1 hours, 14 minutes
The Yellowknife Highway (PR 3) parallels the north arm of Great Slave Lake before heading inland. The rolling terrain, dotted with serene lakes and ponds, offers views of pink and gray glacier-scoured granite and outgrowths of spruce and birch trees on rocky depressions. In Yellowknife, warm up by the fire pit inside Trader’s Grill and dine on Arctic char or caribou.