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Barcelona stays awake while the rest of Europe sleeps. Nightlife starts late, preferably at a bar. Spaniards believe it’s smart to eat while drinking, so most bars also serve tapas. Barcelona’s trendy nightlife is in a constant state of change, so the best advice is to ask around for the latest and greatest places.IcebarcelonaThe only ice bar in the world located directly on the beach, Icebarcelona offers a welcome respite from the oppressive heat of the Barcelona summer. Maintained at a chilled -5ºC, and the cool lighting and interesting ice sculptures complete the bar's unique ambience.
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Marula CaféMarula Café is known and loved for the old-school flavor of the jams that blaze from the speakers on a nightly basis. Funk, soul and disco beats keep the crowd dancing, and the regular live bands and DJ sessions keep them coming to this Gothic area nightclub.
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Sidecar Factory ClubIndie and underground rock acts have called this place home for over 25 years now. Nightly concerts and/or DJ sessions make this gritty bar one of the coolest places to party in Barcelona.
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JamboreeJamboree is an insanely popular jazz club that crams huge crowds into its small, cave-like space to listen to raucous jazz and blues acts and jam sessions on a nightly basis. It is an integral part of the Placa Reial night scene, transforming into a dance club later at night.
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Sala ApoloSala Apolo offers something of an alternative to Barcelona's typical nightlife scene, and it is worth the experience. Sala Apolo welcomes the young rebels and rockers of the city, and offers events like "anti-karaoke" on Mondays, followed by metal parties.
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La WhiskeriaWith a great selection of wine, cocktails, beers and, of course, whiskey, this bar is welcoming and comfortable location for sitting together for a drink and a little chit-chat. For newbies to the whiskey game, the staff is ready to introduce and help you find the most appealing drop for your taste.
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Harlem Jazz ClubBarcelona's premier destination for live jazz music, Harlem Jazz Club brings the feel of the Harlem music scene to the Catalan coast. There are performances every night, attracting the best of the local talent as well as visitors from all around the globe.
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KaelderkoldThe selection of beer in most bars in Barcelona is not very impressive, which makes Kaelderkold all the more special. They offer many different varieties of craft beers from all across Europe in a small but cozy setting.
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Carpe DiemThe location is by far the greatest draw for Carpe Diem, as its fantastic spot right on the beach makes for an enjoyable evening meal and drink, but the excellent food and cocktails are also well worth it. Many come to start the evening off, and some even stay longer and enjoy the restaurant's transformation into a nightclub later at night.
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La TerrrazzaLa Terrrazza is one of Barcelona's most stunning party spots, located at the site of a former mountaintop castle that has now been converted into an open air nightclub that thousands know and love.
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Mojito ClubLatin beats are the stars at Mojito Club, which, as the name suggests, specializes in salsa and Cuban music. Beginners can take salsa dancing lessons at 10pm, and seasoned veterans can show up later to tear up the dance floor. Other Latin American rhythms always make an appearance so all dancers feel welcome.
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Casino BarcelonaDiscover a world of entertainment where gastronomy, live music and gambling are brought to life. Come and taste their Mediterranean, international and fusion cuisines, paired with the best wines and champagnes; enjoy live concerts and a variety of musical performances and entertainment which take place in their most innovative gaming rooms.
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