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A popular snorkeling and diving spot, Molokini is an inactive sunken volcanic cinder cone 3 miles off Maui's south shore. The horseshoe-shaped islet is a designated marine-life preserve that embraces a tropical ecosystem complete with colorful fish, eels and turtles. The south side of Molokini provides divers a nearly vertical wall while the protected interior offers a safe location for snorkeling. Molokini, designated a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District, is nearly barren except for some vegetation and the ever-present bird population. Landing on this small island is prohibited.
Morning and afternoon snorkel and dive charters depart from Lahaina Harbor and the Mā‘alaea Harbor loading dock. Powerboat rentals are available in harbor areas. Note: Very strong currents between Maui and Molokini make it very dangerous to attempt to kayak to the island.
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Current Location: Molokini island, HI