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5 Secret Spots in RomeCatarina Belova/Shutterstock.com
The vibrant capital of Italy is a unique fusion of rich history, culture, natural beauty, and monuments. It goes much further than the usual tourist sites: delve into Rome's hidden gems that are just a few steps away from the well-trodden paths and monuments.
Here's a shortlist of Rome's tucked-away treasures that will leave you taken with the city's seemingly endless offerings.
Villa Doria PamphiliVilla Doria Pamphili is Rome's second-largest public park and an enchanting place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Right in the middle of the park stands the striking baroque-style Villa Doria Pamphili which, with its statues and ornaments, draws the eyes of any guest. Roaming around one of Rome's loveliest settings will show you a different side to the busy and noisy city.
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Centrale MontemartiniThe hidden treasure on Via Ostiense, Centrale Montemartini is an ex-industrial space filled with Greek and Roman statues, busts, and friezes. The juxtaposition of Greek and Roman elements, the contrast of colours–the deep intense black of the machines with the creamy marble of the statues–and natural light from the high glass window panes are just sheer joy.
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Tor Marancia Street ArtTor Marancia is the most colorful district in Rome and an authentic experience away from the trotted tourist paths. The murals are a joint effort of 22 artists from all over the world with the purpose to create a gathering place for the inhabitants of the neighborhood.
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Casina delle Civette MuseumCasina delle Civette (or the cottage of owls), home of the former prince Giovanni Torlonia Jr. until 1938, is a well-kept secret of Art Nouveau and stained glass windows in the Eternal City. Tucked away far from the trodden tourist paths, the Villa, with its charming esthetics, unique mixed-style decorations, from frescoes to paintings to stuccos, and large stained-glass windows will astonish anyone.
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Tempietto del BramanteHidden in the cloister of San Pietro in Montorio lies the Tempietto del Bramante. The small, round temple is an example of High Renaissance Italian architecture, inspired by other ancient temples such as the Temple of Vesta and the Roman Patheon. Though small, the tiny temple is a noteworthy sight and a good way to escape the chaos of the city.
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