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Railroad station agents, section hands and military garrisons were the only inhabitants of Fossil Station until 1871, when a colony of some 60 families settled and later changed the name to Russell.
Today Russell is widely associated with former U.S. senator and 1996 presidential nominee Robert Dole, who was born here in 1923.
Architectural highlights from the city's past include the 1872 Gernon House, 808 Kansas St., and the 1879 Heym-Oliver House, 503 Kansas St. Both limestone dwellings are restored and furnished in period. Guided tours are offered by appointment; phone (785) 483-4796 or the Fossil Station Museum at (785) 483-3637.
Nearby Wilson Lake offers numerous outdoor activities.

Russell County Economic Development & Convention & Visitors Bureau 331 E. Wichita Ave. Russell, KS 67665. Phone:(785)483-4000 or (877)830-3737

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