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Saturna Island—remote, rugged and sparsely populated—is probably the least visited of the Gulf Islands as well as the southernmost isle. Forty-three percent of the island is protected by Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Explore via hiking and boating, or hop on a bicycle, but proceed with caution as the narrow winding roads offer no shoulders. Saturna's bays, beaches and tidal pools offer glimpses of many varieties of marine life.
Walk-in or cycle-in camping is offered at Narvaez Bay as part of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve . The seven-site camping area is nestled by a tranquil bay where you can often spot and hear harbour seals. However, the best wildlife viewing is offered at East Point, also in the park reserve; it is the easternmost point of the islands surrounded by active currents where Orcas, sea lions and porpoises can often be spotted. East Point is also one of the best places in the area for land-based whale watching.
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Current Location: Saturna Island, British Columbia