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best restaurants in tuscany

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Best Restaurants in TuscanyFrancesco83 / Shutterstock.com
No one could plan a trip to Italy and not think about all the delicious pasta, pizza, pecorino, and everything else the Italian gastronomy has to offer. In matters of quality products and marvelous tastes, Tuscany is at the forefront when it comes to the Italian gourmet scene! Thanks to its situation between land and sea, Tuscany offers great meat and fish dishes as well as fresh vegetables, oil, wine and other products coming from its generous soil. Tuscany is also home to wonderful trattorias that are scattered around the beautiful cities and villages where to have a lovely dinner with your loved ones.Panini ToscaniPanini Toscani is strategically located in the center of Florence, in Piazza Del Duomo. Try out some of the fresh and crispy melted-cheese stuffed paninis - most popular sandwiches of Italy - while starting a little chat with the very friendly staff. You can even try samples before making your choice!
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All'Antico VinaioWalk in for a delicious typical sandwich lunch or a warm and yummy plate of pasta, right in the middle of Florence but just a little away from the crowd. This type of restaurants is really Italy at its best: fresh product and careful preparation for very decent prices.
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RoManzoThis pizzeria offers the classic Italian dinner experience, even improved by really good wines and tasty cocktails. The portions are generous and so is the staff, and RoManzo is one of the rare restaurants in Pisa that does not apply a "tourist premium" on the prices.
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Caffè/Ristorante PittiCaffè/Ristorante Pitti is located in the heart of Florence and is a cafe, a restaurant and a shop that sells local products! Their speciality is truffle but the choice is really large and they serve classic Italian food. Expect relatively high prices because of the ideal location.
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Ristorante Da DelfinaNear Carmignano in the heart of Tuscany you can find an old stone farmhouse where Da Delfina is set. Here you can relish all the typical Tuscan cuisine in a comfortable and elegant ambiance and where the impressive terrace offers beautiful views over the surroundings.
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Il canto del maggioIf you encounter Il Canto del Maggio by chance while strolling around the beautiful Tuscan countryside, you might think for a second that it is a mirage. The settings are just too perfect: an old farm renovated with taste, adjacent to a charming swimming pool surrounded by canopy beds which veils are softly animated by the wind, right in the middle of the vineyards. The cuisine, a melange of Arezzo's, Siena and Florence's specialties, is just as worthy.
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Il FalconiereThis one Michelin star hotel and restaurant sitting in the Chiana valley has everything you would dream of: a beautiful terrace overlooking the Chianti hilltops and a local cuisine made with invention - all the ingredients are local but the chef sure knows how to put his personal touch! Special mention for the Chianina beef battuta.
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Ristorante Redaelli WalterStanding in the middle of an olive grove, the Ristorante Redaelli Walter might be a bit isolated but is so famous you will definetly need to book. This is perhaps one of the best restaurant around, with local and seasonal cuisine cooked with passion and ingredients coming from the restaurant's garden. Don't miss the cheese plate!
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Officina della BisteccaCome to Officina della Bistecca for a meat extravaganza! Halfway between a butcher, a cooking show and a restaurant, a meal here is entertaining, reasonably priced and beyond delicious (that is, if you love meat). The tartar, carpaccio and bistecca fiorentina are the stars of the show! Remember to book.
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Trattoria Da RosannaOne of the cheapest real quality eats of the region, Trattoria Da Rosanna seems a bit lost in its village usually forgotten by the tourists. Generous portions of homemade pasta with tasteful sauce, local wines and homemade desserts will wait for you here, at the edge of the Val d'Ombrone.
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Dopolavoro La FoceIf you are looking for a budget eat, Doplavoro La Foce is a good spot. It offers cheap sandwich-like snacks (such as foccacia's cousin "bico" and paninis) or slightly pricier but still very affordable warm dishes. All of which are served in a newly renovated restaurant with a terrace and great views. On Wednesdays or Weekends, go for a tour of the La Foce gardens!
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Pizza ManOf all the pizzerias you can find in Florence, which might be difficult to pick. Well, hesitate no more and go for Pizza Man: fresh and vegetarian friendly, the Pizzas here are often referred to as the best pizzas in the world! Keep in mind that this is not the place for a long sitting romantic dinner but rather a quick and cheap meal.
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