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In 1824, 9 years before the first missionaries set foot in Wailuku, a Chinese man named Hungtai built a sugar mill. The industry took hold, and 124 years later the dominant company, Hawai‘i Commercial & Sugar Co., sold three-bedroom houses in neighboring Kahului to its employees for $7,250. Thus was born the dual community of Wailuku-Kahului.
Because their common boundary is indistinguishable, the two cities at the northern shore of the isthmus are sometimes referred to as Maui's twin cities. The older of the two and the county seat, Wailuku is on the slopes of the mountains overlooking the harbor.
Displays relating to the history of Haleki‘i Heiau and Pihana Heiau (temples) are north of Wailuku above Paukūkalo Bridge. Note: Heiau are culturally significant and should be treated with respect.

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Hale Ho′ike′ike at the Bailey House
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The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono
2199 Kahookele St. Wailuku, HI 96793
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