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5 Awesome Places to Eat in Toronto

AAA/Patricia Miller
By AAA Travel Editor Patricia Miller
October 11, 2021
The population of this bustling metropolis is comprised of hundreds of ethnicities that flavor this city’s restaurant scene, resulting in a multicultural buffet unlike any other. When it comes to finding a wide variety of places to eat while on vacation in Toronto, even if you’re craving a specific type of ethnic cuisine, you’ll have no trouble; here are a few places to start.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Bombay Palace

71 Jarvis St.
(416) 368-8048
If the words curry, tandoori and naan are music to your ears and make your mouth water, then you’re an Indian cuisine enthusiast. While Toronto has more Indian restaurants than you can count, you’ll want to visit Bombay Palace for an experience that includes authentic, ambrosial dishes accompanied by impeccable service. As any Indian restaurant worth its weight in palak paneer should, the Palace has a comprehensive menu that runs the gamut from butter chicken and samosas to lamb korma and seafood vindaloo.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Hiro Sushi Restaurant

171 King St. E.
(416) 304-0550
Expertly prepared in front of your eyes by Hiro Yoshida, an uber-professional Japanese chef/owner/sushi artist with more than 30 years of experience, the sushi and sashimi here is made with only the freshest fish, selected from a local market every morning. Savor your meal in modern surroundings that evoke the serenity of Asian culture.
AAA/Patricia Miller


200 Queen's Plate Dr.
(416) 746-6000
You might think Willie Wonka had a hand in creating this local favorite where huge koi beg for treats from a small pond and the interior explodes with Asian décor. Taking center stage is the enormous buffet filled with a mind-blowing array of flavorful foodstuffs. Chinese favorites like sushi and lemon chicken make up most of the 100-plus dishes, but you can also get pizza, soups, fresh fruits and salads. Dessert tables hold everything from butter tarts, cookies and cakes to an ice cream sundae bar.
AAA/Patricia Miller

St. Lawrence Market

93 Front St. E.
(416) 392-7219
If you’ve never been to Toronto, you must try a peameal bacon sandwich, a local favorite comprised of salty pork loin on a Kaiser roll; add egg and cheese for an even more delectable sandwich. Popular opinion holds that one of the best is made by Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market, an indoor farmers’ market that’s a foodie destination unto itself. If pastries are your jam, make your way to Eve’s Temptations, which stocks top-quality treats from the best local bakeries, or Future Bakery, where you can choose from European-style goodies including breads, tarts, cookies and pies.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar

382 Yonge St.
(416) 597-8838
Not your run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant, Scaddabush is known for its signature half-pound meatballs as well as its hand-stretched mozzarella, pasta and desserts, all made fresh daily. Try their amped-up, zingier takes on the common meatball, including one stuffed with cheese, with pasta or as a sandwich on crusty focaccia smothered with a three-cheese sauce and pickled veggies. The rustic chic décor comes complete with brick walls, cement floors and dim lighting punctuated by Edison light bulbs.