AAA Travel Tips / Why Historic Highway 61 is the Best Road Trip for Music Lovers

Why Historic Highway 61 is the Best Road Trip for Music Lovers

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By Samantha Brown, Host of “Samantha Brown's Places to Love”
June 25, 2019
You’ve heard of the Pacific Coast Highway, the road trip from Miami to Key West along Highway 1, and Route 66. But there are so many other adventures to be had in the USA. Check this out for some inspiration.

Highway 61: The best road trip for music lovers

Running from Minnesota down to New Orleans, this iconic route is known for Mississippi River views, great food and blues music. It’s up to you where you’d like to start, but music lovers should turn their focus to the Mississippi section of the drive.

Old Blues Highway

Drive the old Blues Highway—Route 61 between Memphis and Marigold, MS—in search of music, and you’ll find it everywhere you turn. For over 100 years, the Mississippi Delta has served as the heart and soul of blues music. More famous blues musicians have come from this area than any other region.
Courtesy of Delta Blues Museum

Visit the Delta Blues Museum

Some places of note include Clarksdale, home of the Delta Blues Museum, Dreamboat BBQ and Tamales, and numerous juke joints, including Ground Zero Blues Club, owned by Morgan Freeman. Delta Meat Market in Cleveland is a great place to stock up the fridge with yummy charcuterie, cheeses and specialty foods. You can (and should!) grab a meal there, too—lots of fresh salads, sandwiches and baked goods.
Courtesy of B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center

Visit the B.B. King Museum

Though located a bit east of the highway, you’ll find the B.B. King Museum in Indianola. This AAA GEM attraction is worth the detour!
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