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Inspector Picks: Five Diamond Restaurants in New York City

AAA/Inspector 593
May 03, 2022
This is list of restaurants in New York City represents AAA Inspectors’ favorite Five Diamond restaurants in the city. The exquisite menus at these fine dining establishments are sure to provide a wonderful and memorable dining experience.
AAA/Inspector 592


77 Worth St.
AAA Inspector 592: The mood at this tiny eatery is charged with anticipation as I await a series of courses which are visually unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
Each day brings another opportunity for Chef Ronny Emborg and his team to create and dazzle like few others can. A treat for all the senses, a two-hour plus tasting menu here slowly builds and ultimately culminates with incredibly visual and highly precise presentations and never-before-seen combinations. Golden Osetra caviar paired with pistachio and IPA cream is a signature dish, as is the luxuriously savory waffle with tuna and truffle. In a small dining room with a chef’s table open to the kitchen and a side dining table for a party of four, it does not get much more exclusive than this. Reservations are made weeks in advance.The build of the menu is carefully planned so that the diner does not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses or novel new arrangements being delivered from the kitchen. Delicate plating of halibut with cauliflower in a brown butter sauce or an artistic mackerel with geoduck ably show the natural beauty of a modern Nordic-influenced kitchen and a reverence for natural, almost raw fish. The juicy venison in pear, truffle and pine might make a diner downright yearn for the outdoorsy great North. Service is highly professional, warm and personable, with enthusiasm in presenting an experience which is both soulful and pretty incredible. Wines are carefully paired and include some very fine European and American selections.
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AAA/Inspector 592

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

431 W. 37th St.
AAA Inspector 46: Pass discreetly to the back of a typical grocery store in Hell's Kitchen and you'll find a secret, unmarked passageway to culinary bliss.
Enjoy the extravagant tasting menus artistically prepared before your eyes by Chef Cesar Ramirez. In an open kitchen, his stellar team fuses a subtle blend of Asian ingredients with a French technique. Precisely plated and served in an intimate, slightly austere postmodern setting, the nearly three-hour meal gradually builds. A setup of superb seafood, caviar and shellfish sourced from across the Pacific Rim culminates in a crescendo of the highest-grade Wagyu beef or squab in huckleberry. Originally located in downtown Brooklyn and attached to a gourmet grocery, this small world-class eatery moved to Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen and still employs the same novel concept. Guests walk through a grocery store like any other in town to discover a slightly hard to find, very low-key and discreet backroom restaurant. Service is unobtrusive and highly diligent; wines tend to be French and of a very good vintage. Expect to sit at the chef's table when available, but there a few tables are available on the periphery of the room. With the prepaid tasting menu, wine pairings, gratuities and taxes, expect the tariff for two to be well above $1,000. But for those who relish a highly memorable experience, then it is all well worth it.
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Courtesy of Daniel NYC


60 E. 65th St.
AAA Inspector 592: I have never felt so pampered during a dining experience from the meticulous service to the artful plating and the extraordinary flavors.
Daniel Boulud masterfully orchestrates a spectacular meal in a majestic world class setting on the Upper East Side. Rich colors, sublime flower arrangements and stunning interior design from Adam Tihany set the scene for a grand event and lavish meal. The tasting menus feature the finest seasonal items from all over the globe deftly prepared using a mix of classic and modern techniques. The formal dining room service reflects the pinnacle of refinement and sophistication.
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Courtesy of Del Posto/Del Posto

Del Posto

85 10th Ave.
AAA Inspector 93:
AAA/Inspector 423

Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave.
AAA Inspector 592: I was in awe of the staff as they gracefully flowed through the room, delivering some of the most beautiful dishes I've ever seen. Truly remarkable!
Highly acclaimed as one of the very best modern restaurants in the country, this trendsetter wields its prowess in a league of its own. Brilliant culinary artistry is paired with a visionary ability to bravely usher in the new. Expect cutting edge dining and one which doesn’t rest on its laurels. Dining here is a much sought after experience —the tasting menu includes a parade of imaginative plant-based dishes unlike anything one has ever seen before. Sitting and watching artfully presented vegan dishes served by elegant staff in a magnificent dining room, once an Art Deco bank lobby, is truly something beautiful to behold. Simultaneously it is a bold statement on where we once were and where we are now. As one of the preeminent dining and social spots in town for the New York super-elite, meals can be very expensive, but are at the same time highly memorable. Reservations open on the first of the month for the following month and sell out quickly. There is a modified and less expensive version of the main dining room tasting menu available at the bar nightly, and reservations in advance are required for there as well.
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AAA/Inspector 592

Gabriel Kreuther

41 W. 42nd St.
AAA Inspector 593: From tartares to foie gras to cheese, this restaurant offers up classic favorites, yet done with dry wit, which enhances the experience immeasurably.
Chef Gabriel Kreuther leads this modern, sophisticated fine-dining restaurant. A diverse menu that leans on chef Kreuther's French-Germanic roots includes a signature sturgeon sauerkraut tart, foie gras terrine and langoustine tartare. Even basic items such as Kugelhopf bread with soft white cheese and chives are astonishing. Much more than a meal, a visit here is a full-blown sensory event full of unexpected twists and turns. Passion and artistry are displayed from start to finish. The experience provides a kind of culinary magic many aim to achieve, but few accomplish. To really indulge at this wonderful restaurant there are a good variety of prix-fixe menus available as well as a signature exclusive experience. Chef’s Carte Blanche offers private dining in a prized and prime nook within chef’s kitchen - six guests maximum. There are a choice of spectacular supplements to further embellish the meal. Prized golden osetra caviar, sustainably sourced, is sold by the ounce and provides a delicate oceanic finish.
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AAA/Inspector 592

Le Bernardin

155 W. 51st St.
AAA Inspector 592: Famous throughout the world and on most foodie’s essential bucket-lists. The cuisine is classically grand and presented with an incredible artistry.
Considered one of the premier seafood restaurants in the country, Le Bernardin creates a lasting memory of excellence. Renowned chef Eric Ripert and his team exquisitely prepare seafood divided into sections titled Almost Raw, Barely Touched or Lightly Cooked. The tasting menus give the full experience, while lunch can also be a splendid, and a well-priced, option. Dining among a worldly elite, you’ll find the setting to be elegant and formal with refined service that is genuinely hospitable. Signature dishes include the sautéed Dover sole, sea urchin pasta and poached lobster with truffles that are seasonally prepared with luxurious and light sauces. Timeless sophistication is carried throughout the dining room with a wall sculpture resembling fish scales and an oversize ocean painting that pays homage to the sea’s rich bounty. This timeless eatery towers mightily as the essential New York restaurant for any seafood lover.
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Marea/Ted Axelrod


240 Central Park S.
AAA Inspector 55: This property is the exception for diners looking to sample an exceptional fine dining meal at an affordable price.
The much-lauded fare here means you will dine with those who love fine food and wine. The Italian seafood-centric menu has selections of extremely fresh raw crudo, delicious house-made pasta and more complex entrées that artfully combine the best of the seasonal ingredients. The contemporary dining room has closely set tables but is done with a stylish sensibility and a staff that knows how to work the room with effortless finesse and create a winning mood.
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AAA/Inspector 593

The Modern

9 W. 53rd St.
AAA Inspector 592: Magical how all the finest elements of food, service and decor come together! Absolutely love the setting among museum masterpieces. A definite wow!
An exquisite museum sculpture garden provides this restaurant a timeless, cosmopolitan and relaxed setting for a most splendid meal. The multi-course chef’s tasting menu focuses on seasonal, high-quality ingredients such as foie gras, lobster, duck, caviar or bone marrow-crusted beef. The wine list is ample, and desserts are, like the setting, wonderfully artistic. The room buzzes with an A-list clientèle of New Yorkers and visitors, alike. Chef Thomas Allan adds his own signature New American touch while the staff is a pleasing blend of professional, enthusiastic servers. A four-course lunch menu is offered on weekdays in the main dining room. The more casual Bar Room serves lunch daily and dinner Monday through Saturday with an a la carte menu. For a truly memorable experience, consider The Kitchen Table which gives you a unique viewing into the kitchen as the talented team prepares your tasting menu.
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Per Se

10 Columbus Cir.
AAA Inspector 87: Sitting at treetop level, eye-to-eye with the statue of Christopher Columbus on the edge of Central Park, a majestic New York is on view from here.
This beautiful, contemporary restaurant from Thomas Keller stands mightily among the legendary fine dining establishments in New York. Enjoy a distinctive and artfully presented menu of 9-courses which builds from the simply sublime to the flat-out spectacular. Guests can also select a menu of highly inventive all-vegetable selections. Service is outstanding with exceptional attention to detail. The dining experience is pricey, but the food is approachable, satisfying and highly memorable. In Midtown Manhattan, where personal space is at a high premium, the restaurant's beautiful dining room, designed by Adam Tihany, has an expansive spaciousness. The tables are far enough apart to provide both room to breathe and privacy, all with a panoramic view out to Central Park. Reservations are accepted a month in advance, and are notoriously hard to get, but a wait list is available. For a spectacular meal to celebrate a milestone event, this is a highly coveted setting.
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