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Inspector Picks: Five Diamond Restaurants in New York City

October 13, 2021
This is list of restaurants in New York City represents AAA Inspectors’ favorite Five Diamond restaurants in the city. The exquisite menus at these fine dining establishments are sure to provide a wonderful and memorable dining experience.
AAA/Inspector 592


77 Worth St.
AAA Inspector 592: The mood at this tiny eatery is charged with anticipation as I await a series of courses which are visually unlike anything else in town.
Each day brings another opportunity for Chef Ronny Emborg and his team to create and dazzle like few others can. A treat for all the senses, a two-hour plus tasting menu here slowly builds and excels with incredibly visual and highly precise presentations and combinations. Golden Osetra caviar paired with pistachio and IPA cream is a signature dish, as is the luxuriously savory waffle with tuna and truffle. In a small dining room with a chef’s table open to the kitchen and a side dining table for a party of four, it does not get much more exclusive than this. Reservations are made weeks in advance.The build of the menu is carefully planned so that the diner does not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses or novel new arrangements being delivered from the kitchen. Delicate plating of halibut with cauliflower in a brown butter sauce or an artistic mackerel with geoduck ably show the natural beauty of a New Nordic influenced kitchen and a reverence for almost raw fish. The juicy venison in pear, truffle and pine might equally make a diner yearn for the outdoorsy great North. Service is highly professional, warm and personable, with enthusiasm in presenting an experience which is truly new and pretty incredible. Wines are carefully paired and include some very fine European and American selections. Recommended.
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AAA/Inspector 592

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

431 W. 37th St.
AAA Inspector 46: Pass through to the back of a typical grocery store in Hell's Kitchen and you'll find a secret, unmarked passageway to culinary bliss. Extraordinary.
Enjoy the extravagant tasting menus artistically prepared before your eyes by Chef Cesar Ramirez. In an open kitchen, his stellar team fuses a subtle blend of Asian ingredients with a French technique. Precisely plated and served in an intimate, slightly austere postmodern setting, the nearly three-hour meal gradually builds. A setup of superb seafood, caviar and shellfish sourced from across the Pacific Rim culminates in a crescendo of the highest-grade Wagyu beef or squab in huckleberry. Originally located in downtown Brooklyn and attached to a gourmet grocery, this small world-class eatery moved to Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen and still employs the same novel concept. Guests walk through a grocery store like any other in Gotham to discover a slightly hard to find, very low-key and discreet backroom restaurant with a receptionist who guards the reservations made many weeks in advance. Service is unobtrusive and highly diligent; wines tend to be