AAA Travel Tips / Off the Beaten Path in Québec City: The Saint-Roch District

Off the Beaten Path in Québec City: The Saint-Roch District

AAA/Patricia Miller
By AAA Travel Editor Patricia Miller
August 08, 2019
When you want to find fun things to do in Québec City, head to the buzzworthy Saint-Roch district outside the city walls. About 10 minutes northwest of Old Québec by foot, the neighborhood attracts hipsters and locals with its eclectic and inviting mix of boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms, chocolateries, bakeries and pubs. If you’re hoofing it, take L’Ascenseur du Faubourg, a free elevator at the corner of Sainte-Claire and Saint-Réal streets that connects Lower Town to Upper Town. Make your way to Rue St. Joseph, the main drag, where you’ll find most of Saint-Roch’s shops and eateries.
AAA/Patricia Miller


543 rue Saint-Joseph Est
(418) 640-0001
If you’re taking the kids to Québec City for a family vacation, don’t skip this massive toy store fronted by a charming statue of a banjo-playing frog. Children’s eyes will pop out of their heads the minute they step through child-sized doors guarded by toy soldiers into a magical wonderland. The mind-blowing collection of goodies fills room after room and ranges from stuffed animals in every size imaginable to board games, trucks, model trains, cars, electronics, puzzles and dolls … and that’s just for starters. There are also play areas for making jewelry and painting ceramic figures, and, of course, a candy department.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Boutique Lucia F.

34 rue Saint-Joseph Est
(418) 262-2629
Looking for something a little different to spiff up your wardrobe? Pop into this charming little vintage boutique and choose a piece or two from its small but well-curated and affordably priced collection of friperie (secondhand clothes). Top picks include floral dresses from the 1980s, ‘70s swimsuits, gently worn shoes from the mid- to late 20th century and a variety of men’s vintage apparel.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Champagne Chocolatier

525 rue Saint-Joseph Est
(418) 522-0708
Are you a hardcore chocoholic? Can’t go a day without the stuff? Indulge your sweet tooth at Champagne Chocolatier, where you can choose from a vast array of artistically decorated bonbons filled with fruits, nuts, spices, herbs and liquor, some dusted with gold. If you’re hungry for something more substantial, locals rave about the strong coffee, triple-chocolate muffins and chocolate-dipped ice cream cones.
AAA/Patricia Miller


650 rue Saint-Joseph Est
(418) 614-5052
This innovative boutique caters chiefly to fans of Japanese manga (Japanese comics and graphic novels) and the latest Asian trends, but pop culture devotees will also find it appealing. Check out this funky shop if you get a kick out of fun novelty items like toys in candy colors, Japanese snacks in too-cute packages, bento boxes, backpacks, clothing and jewelry. Fans of bubble tea can sip on the sweet drink while browsing.
AAA/Patricia Miller

Korrigane Brasserie Artisanale

380 rue Dorchester
(418) 614-0932
After you’ve checked the above items off your list of what to do in Québec City and you need to rest your weary feet, stop here to take a shopping break with a refreshing cold beverage and a bite to eat. This microbrewery crafts its own artisanal ales and IPAs using locally sourced ingredients; there are 17 varieties in all, ranging from a pale ale brewed with blueberries to a black IPA. When the weather cooperates, sit on the patio and take in the scenery, which includes planters filled with herbs and greens. Stay late into the evening and enjoy live music by local bands.

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