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Switzerland — Where Fantasy Comes to Life
By Special Contributor to AAA
May 20, 2022
Switzerland’s varied landscape has inspired storytellers for as long as stories have been told.
Being home to towering mountains, seemingly impossible natural rock formations, vast forests, crystal clear lakes and centuries-old history, it’s easy to see why Switzerland might seem like it belongs in a fairy tale.
If you want to embark on a vacation that is straight out of a storybook, Switzerland is the place to visit. Here are several mythical places to visit and make your own legendary tale.

Märliwäg Trail, Schmiedrued-Walde

Immerse yourself in the world in the natural beauty of the Upper Ruedertal Valley. This trail leads through field and forest and over hill and dale and comprises six storytelling stations with fables from around the world.

Dragon Valley, Seetal

Head to Dragon Valley and search for dragons from a castle and its surroundings! This destination makes for the perfect family outing. Across the grounds, you will find plenty of interactive activities and audio stations, that share important “dragonology” research to aid your quest.

Freiamt Legends Trail

This hiking trail lies in a region rich in myth and stories of old. Along the trail, you will find several colorful works of art and statues of legendary creatures.

Witch Trail, Lake Schwarzsee

You’ll investigate and find out if the stories of the Witch Trail are true and if magical creatures call it home! Along this theme trail, you’ll encounter seven different legends, such as hidden golden treasure and the Knight of the Night! flamigni

Cavaglia Glacier Garden

Glacier movement has left behind some simply incredible rock formations in the form of the Giant’s Pots. These are massive holes, caves, and waterfalls carved into the rock of the mountains. Bearing resemblance to a pot, it’s been told that Grummo, the friendly giant of the mountains, uses these to cook in. Kids will find a themed trail that traces the giant’s steps.

Viamala Gorge

With crystal blue waters passing through towering rock on both sides, this gorge looks like something out of a Hollywood movie! This gorge was carved by the Hinterrhein river and is now a popular destination, thanks to its amazing beauty. But don’t miss your opportunity to find treasure — kids will be given a treasure map to explore the gorge and discover its history. Hikers looking for a multi-day challenge will find a 4-day, 41-mile hike here as well.

Aigle, Leysin and Col des Mosses region open-air art gallery

Walk through the idyllic countryside between rivers, rock formations, mountains, castles, and breathtaking pieces of art! The visions of artists come to life throughout the scenery of this region, making them a new part of this area’s legend.

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