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Why You Should Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Trip
January 17, 2020
Have you thought about some professional assistance planning your next vacation? You’re not alone.
Three-quarters of Americans would consider working with a travel agent to plan their vacations, new research from AAA Travel shows. Some 27 million travelers plan to do so within the next year.
Despite the ability to book their own vacations online, nearly half of Americans (46 percent) feel that working with a travel agent adds value to their trip. Plenty of tech-savvy millennials are part of the trend as well: They are just as likely as baby boomers to report planning to use a travel agent for a trip in the next year.
Top reasons for considering a travel agent are to ensure a smooth experience on complicated and expensive trips and for help arranging special activities and experiences. But there are other benefits too:
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Saving Time

Travel agents can take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating the many options that are available to travelers, saving time and the hassle that often come with vacation planning.
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Expert Recommendations

A knowledgeable travel agent will make personalized recommendations and offer tips on destinations, what to see and do while on vacation, the best and worst times to travel, and much more.
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They've Been There and Done That

Travel agents are often well-traveled, having visited the destinations and experienced the vacations they recommend to travelers.
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Reducing Stress

Travel agents can help with all the details—advising travelers on everything from passport renewal requirements to recommendations for obtaining an International Driving Permit before traveling overseas—taking the stress out of the process.
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Help with the Unexpected

Between weather delays, natural disasters, flight cancellations, lost luggage and much more, a lot can happen on vacation. Travel agents act as the traveler’s advocate in the event something goes wrong, helping navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes.
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