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Calais (KAL-is) is on the west bank of Passamaquoddy Bay at the mouth of the St. Croix River, a U.S.-Canadian boundary. Connected by the International Bridge to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, the city enjoys the distinction of being Maine's only international city.
Timber, fertile soil and an abundance of fish and game attracted the first settlers to the area in 1604. The town became an important lumbering and shipbuilding center. In 1809 the Massachusetts legislature named the settlement for the port of Calais, France, in acknowledgment of that country's assistance during the American Revolution.
The section of US 1 between Calais and Bar Harbor is a scenic drive from which visitors might see nesting eagles.

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St. Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce 39 Union St. CALAIS, ME 04619. Phone:(207)454-2308

Duty Free Americas is located at 40 Main St., phone (207) 454-3476, and 97 Bering St., phone (207) 454-8905.
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