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The word Osawatomie (Oh-suh-WAH-tuh-mee) combines the names of the two Native American tribes who once inhabited the area, the Osage and the Pottawatomie.
As a railroad town, it was the site of pro-slavery and anti-slavery conflicts during the pre-Civil War years. In May 1856 abolitionist John Brown and a small group of followers raided neighboring houses and killed several men as a symbolic warning to the pro-slavery faction.
Several hundred pro-slavers retaliated 3 months later by killing five of Brown's men, including his son, in a raid that became known as the Battle of Osawatomie.
The Old Stone Church, off Sixth Street at Parker Avenue, was one of the state's early pioneer churches. Its first pastor was the Rev. Samuel Adair, brother-in-law to John Brown; phone (913) 755-4384.

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Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce 628 Main St. OSAWATOMIE, KS 66064. Phone:(913)755-4114
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