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Peggy's Cove is one of several fishing villages built around the snug harbors of the craggy south coast. Huge granite boulders are scattered throughout the village. An old lighthouse standing on a massive granite ledge and fishing boats moored along weatherworn wharves are a part of the atmosphere that makes this cove well-known among artists and photographers. The lighthouse also serves as the post office during the summer. The Marine Studio, built about 1875 as a fish shed, displays works by local artists.
William E. deGarthe Memorial Park, off Hwy. 333, features a monument dedicated to Canadian fishermen. Carved on the face of a granite outcropping, it depicts fishermen, their families and a guardian angel with outstretched wings.

Boulders left behind by the last retreating glaciers are scattered randomly at this tiny fishing village. The local lighthouse is anchored in rock and houses the town's post office in summer.
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