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Ships bringing provisions to Prince Edward Island during its early settlement also brought mice, which proliferated at such an amazing rate that the French settlers named their town after them. Souris also gained recognition through American playwright Elmer Harris, who used the town as the setting for his 1940 play “Johnny Belinda,” which ran for 320 consecutive performances in New York. The film version was shot in Fort Bragg, Calif.
Some of the island's finest white sand beaches lie between Souris and Bothwell. In town, the beach is accessible from a small park off Hwy. 2. Red Point Provincial Park also has an excellent beach and developed recreational facilities.
Local waters support industry as well as recreation. Souris has a large fishing and lobster industry. Ferry service to Québec's Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is available; phone Traversier C.T.M.A. Ferry at (418) 986-3278, or (888) 986-3278.

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