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Discovered and named in 1608 by Capt. John Smith, Tangier Island was settled in 1686 by John Crockett and his sons' families. In 1814 it was headquarters of a British fleet that ravaged the Chesapeake Bay. Many customs and much of the appearance of an earlier era remain. Natives of the island still speak with a trace of an Elizabethan accent.
Since the 1800s Tangier's fishermen have supplied the Eastern Shore of Maryland with crabs and oysters. Crab farms lie along the island's shore and in open tanks perched on pilings in the harbor, which is crowded with fishing craft and sailboats. Duck hunting, fishing and swimming are permitted.
There are only a few cars and trucks on the island; bicycles and motor scooters are popular means of transportation. The island's two streets are only 8 to 10 feet wide.
Boat trips to the island depart from Onancock and Reedville as well as from Crisfield, Md. Reservations are required.
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