AAA Auto Buying Tools

Car Buying App with Car Ratings & Reviews

Looking for a new automobile?
It's simple!
The AAA Auto Buying Tools app makes shopping for a new automobile simple and stress-free.
AAA Auto Buying Tools App
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AAA Auto Buying Tools
Packed with features, AAA's Auto Search & Car Buying app gives you all the auto buying tools you need to make shopping for a new automobile a simple, stress-free experience. From Acuras to Volvos, build the car you want with your desired features, and the AAA car app will give you information on available options, the TrueCarTM average market price*, available incentives, crash safety car ratings, AAA auto reviews, images and more.

Non-members can use the car buying app to conduct an auto search and compare vehicles. However, you will need to be a member of AAA to use the app to purchase a vehicle through AAA or at a certified dealer for significant pre-negotiated savings - available in most areas.
Features available to all users include:
  1. Search new cars by make, model, style and price
  2. Build your ideal car, down to color and trim level
  3. Indispensible pricing information
  4. Front and side crash safety car ratings
  5. Unbiased AAA auto reviews
  6. VIN number entry for quick, exact specifications
  7. Ability to save your auto search and cars to favorites
  8. Compare two customized vehicles
  9. Contact dealers or AAA for purchase
  10. Share car details on Facebook, Twitter or email
* TrueCarTM average market price not available for some models or in certain areas.
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