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Diamond Rating Definitions

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Hotels and restaurants that pass inspection are designated as AAA Inspected & Approved. This indicates they offer clean, comfortable, hospitable places for members to stay and dine - whether they're motels, diners or resorts. There's only one level of AAA Inspected & Approved.
The five AAA Diamond levels describe the kind of experience members can expect. They identify which AAA Inspected & Approved hotels and restaurants will provide the best fit for your occasion and budget.
Hotel Ratings
Ultimate Luxury
Choosing a Hotel
Think of each additional Diamond as an indicator of more extensive services and amenities - on a scale from no-frills to highly personalized.
One Diamond means a bed, a pillow and a bargain. Two Diamonds mean a familiar, casual, affordable setting. Three Diamonds deliver the comforts of home, minus the effort. Four Diamonds provide a notable splurge for a special occasion. And Five Diamonds are the crown jewel.
Restaurant Ratings
Choosing a Restaurant
Think of each additional Diamond as an another reason to sit back and enjoy the experience - from quick and tasty to utterly amazing.
One Diamond means grab it and go. Two Diamonds mean a relaxing break with expected favorites. Three Diamonds offer a fresh and trendy dining-out event. Four Diamonds are a culinary experience to savor and enjoy. And Five Diamonds offer an entire evening of wow moments.
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