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Dog Parks

A dog park is a place where people and their dogs can play together. These places offer dogs an area to play, exercise and socialize with other dogs while their owners enjoy the park-like setting. Dog park size and features vary greatly from location to location, from several hundred square feet in urban areas to several hundred acres in the suburbs and rural locations where adventure travel is more common. It's easy to see why dog parks are so popular when people are searching for things to do this weekend.

Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Park

Dog owners should remember to always keep their animal leashed until they reach the dog park entrance, to maintain voice control of their animal at all times, to bring their own supply of bags for picking up after their pet (and to be diligent in doing so), and to always have fresh water available for their dog. Please observe all dog park rules.

The dog parks listed here welcome people who travel with their dogs; private parks or parks requiring local residency are not included. Note: Fence types and heights vary, and some areas have no fencing at all, requiring that the dog be under firm voice control.

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