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How to Choose Your Pet Insurance

How to Choose Your Pet Insurance

Just like their owners, pets can experience major medical problems at some point in their lifetime — even those that live indoors. And if illness strikes while you're on the road, it may be necessary to obtain care quickly. As a result, more and more people who travel with their devoted companion are considering pet health insurance.

Insurance plans run the gamut from basic coverage and routine care for illness and injury to comprehensive health maintenance, vaccinations and exams. Annual premiums range from less than $100 to more than $700, depending on the type of pet and plan. When choosing your plan, consider the following:

•What are the enrollment guidelines (age, breed, specific restrictions, etc.)?

•Which expenses are covered and which are excluded?

•What is the plan's policy concerning existing health problems?

•Does the plan allow you to use your own veterinarian?

•How are veterinary fees paid?

•Is a multiple pet discount offered?

When choosing your pet insurance, don’t assume your pet will be covered by the places you stay or the planes you travel on. Many airlines have severe restrictions regarding travel with pets specifically because they want to avoid insurance claims. Most hotels do not have insurance that covers Spot or Snowball, either, so never skip insurance in an attempt to save money.