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Kohala Mountain Scenic Road

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19.3 miles: 31 minutes
The Kohala Mountain Scenic Road (SR 250) takes you through picturesque ranches as it gently climbs up the Kohala Mountain Range. Lush green and arid landscapes, sharp inclines and expansive pastures unfold along the spine of the byway. Pullouts offer breathtaking views of the seacoast, Kohala Mountain and Pololu Valley’s precipitous gorges.
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19.3 miles: 31 minutes
Vistas of the splashing blue coastline, arid landscapes and deep green valleys unfold around each turn on Kohala Mountain Scenic Road (SR 250). Mountains as green as a wall of emeralds rise sharply from the byway. Beyond stands of pine and an assortment of cacti and flowering plants, cattle graze in pastures and on steep mountainsides.