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Fundy Coastal Scenic Drive, Hopewell Cape to PR 1

Road Trip

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57.9 miles: 1 hours, 20 minutes
The two-lane stretch of PR 114 running parallel to the coast is mostly lined by evergreens, though rural cottages and aging barns do break up the journey. Between Riverside-Albert and Alma, the Fundy Coastal Drive cuts over to PR 915, which affords scenic views of the Bay of Fundy’s rocky shores. Then, it’s back to PR 114 for a trip through picturesque Fundy National Park.
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57.9 miles: 1 hours, 20 minutes
You’ll experience New Brunswick’s striking natural beauty along this drive, which showcases pastoral landscapes and the dramatic Bay of Fundy coastline. Heading inland, PR 114 cuts through the emerald core of Fundy National Park, where recreational opportunities abound. Kayaks ply the pristine waters of Bennett Lake, while hikers explore the park’s enchanting forests.