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Manitoba's Scenic Trans Canada Hwy 1, Ontario Border to Sandilands Park

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58.1 miles: 53 minutes
Falcon and West Hawk lakes cup the eastern end of the TCH 1 byway like bright blue pools surrounded by a fence of dark green pines. Nestled inside the Whiteshell Provincial Park, they are a prime location for water recreation. Farther along this isolated route, gentle slopes introduce you to the densely wooded Sandilands Provincial Forest.
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58.1 miles: 53 minutes
Sandilands Provincial Forest, at the western end of TCH 1, features a mix of hardwoods and majestic pines. Listen for blue and gray jays or black-capped chickadees as you stroll through the forest. Roll through the shady parklands and peaceful hillsides to glittering lakes at the Ontario border.