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The Laurentides Region Scenic Highway

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79.9 miles: 1 hours, 49 minutes
Every season heralds a new show of beauty in this pastoral slice of Québec. The scenic portion of PR 117 begins along the banks of Rivière du Nord then travels to the pasturelands around Mont-Tremblant. Fall is a particularly lovely time to see it when deep shades of orange and gold color the mountainsides. The route becomes more heavily forested as it heads north.
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79.9 miles: 1 hours, 49 minutes
This section of PR 117 traverses central Québec's wooded countryside. Rivière du Nord pops in and out of view at the beginning of the route, which transiitions to wooded mountains and pastures farther north. Other bodies of water are visible later on. You’ll see some commercial areas, but exposed granite and distant tree-lined mountains provide the scenic value.