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America's Historic Main Street

Road Trip

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16.7 miles: 1 hours, 39 minutes
A rich history and world-class amenities make the nation’s capital one of the most important cities in the country. Tourists, politicians, students and residents alike can be seen indulging in brunch or walking along the Potomac River. With all there is to see and do, the prospects might seem daunting, but buckle up! This route will take you by all the must-see places.
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Palisades to Georgetown
5.7 miles: 25 minutes
Visit some distinctive neighborhoods in Washington. The area around Georgetown University features beautiful architecture, especially Healy Hall. For a fun diversion near the university, see the “Exorcist Steps” from the original 1973 movie that’s noted with a plaque; local legend says you’ll always return with a different number of steps if you attempt to count them.
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Georgetown to Downtown
4.1 miles: 29 minutes
Take some time to enjoy the numerous restaurants around George Washington University. The proximity to Embassy Row, especially, ensures a variety of cuisines from which to choose. After Georgetown, you’ll pass Foggy Bottom on the way to downtown and most of the attractions. Chief among those is The White House, the home and workplace of every president since 1800.
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Downtown to Capitol Hill
6.9 miles: 44 minutes
If you haven’t seen the White House yet, now’s the time to take it in. Other highlights you should have on the last leg of your itinerary include the famous sights within the National Mall and Memorial Parks, the Smithsonian museums, and the United States Capitol. If you plan to stop and take any tours of governmental properties, remember to reserve in advance.