AAA Travel Tips / 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance from AAA

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance from AAA
By AAA Travel Editor Frank Swanson
November 13, 2019
Insurance is probably the last thing on your mind as you plan your vacation, but it shouldn’t be. For a relatively low fee, travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re covered in the face of unforeseen circumstances that might crop up before or during your trip. To put it another way, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, travel insurance can help prevent your dream vacation from turning into a nightmare.

Trip Cancellation

As more travelers purchase travel insurance, surveys show that one of the main reasons they do so is in case something comes up and they have to cancel their trip. Illness, accidents, family emergencies, the loss of a job—all can result in forfeiting non-refundable booking fees if you need to change your travel plans at the last minute. Travel insurance can help you recoup some or even all of those expenses.

Natural Disasters

Let’s say you’re about to leave for your vacation getaway and you’re in good shape, but your destination—due to a natural disaster—isn’t so lucky. Hurricanes and earthquakes are facts of life in many otherwise ideal locales, and travel insurance can come to your rescue should your vacation plans have to be postponed due to such tragedies.

Trip Interruption

Perhaps the only thing worse than the unexpected happening before your big trip is when it happens during your trip. Cutting short a vacation while you’re on it is upsetting enough, and losing the money you’ve spent on flights, hotels and cruises only adds to the problem. Travel insurance can reimburse you if you begin a trip you can’t finish due to circumstances beyond your control.

Medical Attention While You’re Away From Home

Some U.S. health insurance plans won’t cover medical expenses incurred abroad and most won’t cover medical evacuation, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars should you experience a health emergency. You may even be required to pay cash up front at hospitals in some countries. Having travel insurance can protect you from costly medical expenses should you get sick or injured abroad. What’s more, experienced professionals on staff can guide you through the complexities of a travel-related emergency.

Flight Delays, Flight Cancellations and Lost Baggage

Travelers should also be aware that airlines may not cover expenses such as rebooking fees, meals and hotel stays due to delayed or canceled flights. Travel insurance can reimburse you for these expenses as well as the cost of replacing personal items when luggage is lost or stolen.

Talk to a AAA Travel Agent

Because policies and coverage options vary, visit your local AAA office to discuss your trip insurance needs with a AAA Travel Agent.