A New Van, A New Home and Hope for a New Life

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After a closer inspection of a vehicle on a routine call, Chuck Berry of Expedited Towing, Manchester, MD, learned the member he was assisting and her husband, who was a disabled veteran, were homeless. Since the repairs to the car were going to take several days, Chuck took them to a hotel and paid for a room so they had a safe place to stay.

Chuck was so moved by their story and the fact that the member's husband was a veteran that he wanted to do something more to help the couple. He knew the car was in pretty bad shape so he contacted a local dealership to see if they would be willing to donate a van. Not only did they agree but they also paid for the title work and tags. But, Chuck thought maybe he could do even more. He contacted a local business and they jumped at the chance to offer the member's husband a job plus put up the money for housing so they could get back on their feet.

When thinking back on the experience, Chuck says, "I am a full believer in paying it forward whenever you can. The small things we do in this short lifetime can be monumental for others and this was one of them. I never expected the entire community to get involved. But they did and what makes it so rewarding is that small gesture pushed us into helping the community more."

Chuck is a Real Hero of the Road to that couple and his generosity completely changed their lives. When you're driving along the highway and you see Chuck or a tow truck operator like him working, think of this story and what his kindness meant to our member and her husband who so bravely served our country. And when you do, please slow down and move over so they can do their job safely. We need people like Chuck. So do our members. But, most of all so do their families. Help us keep them safe.

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