Heroes Run Toward Danger when Everyone Else Runs Away

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It was like any other Tuesday – Zack Corey of Corey’s Big Dog Towing in Beulah, MI was out on a call when his truck was hit head on by another vehicle. In the minutes following the crash, Zack was trying to get his bearings when he realized the vehicle that hit him was on fire. He was unable to get his driver’s side door open so he crawled out the passenger side window and rushed to the other vehicle. When he got to the burning vehicle, he saw a little girl inside and tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. He grasped the window frame and pulled as hard as he could, forcing it open and pulled the girl from the vehicle. As he carried her to safety, he heard a baby crying in the back seat. At this point, the sheriff’s department had arrived and together they went back to the vehicle and pulled the baby to safety.

Luckily, both children only sustained minor injuries and are doing well today. Zack and the officer that assisted him were later recognized by their local community for their heroic efforts.

Zack was a Real Hero of the Road that day to those young children, putting his own safety aside to rescue them from a life-threatening situation. He didn’t think twice before running toward their burning car. When you’re driving along the highway and you see Zack or a service provider like him working, we ask that you not think twice either and please slow down and move over. We want to keep people like Zack safe. We need him, so do our members and most of all so does his family. Help us keep them safe.

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Heroes Run Toward Danger when Everyone Else Runs Away

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